Lilla Flicka & 新音楽制作工房『通過儀礼/Initiation』 本日デジタルリリース!

Finally, the 1st album “通過儀礼/Initiation” by Lilla Flicka & SHIN-ON-GAK has just been released digitally on all the music streaming sites all over the world🌈💜✨

遂に、Lilla Flicka & 新音楽制作工房名義の1stアルバム『通過儀礼/Initiation』があらゆる音楽配信サイトでデジタルリリースされました🌈💜✨

I love you all who collaborated with me to make this album, I love you all who listen to this album in the past, right now, and in the future from the bottom of my heart. May this beautiful music save your loneliness as it saved my loneliness🌟



I felt like I would die. I don’t mean I want to die. I thought I might die since I could let this beauty out to the world. Since I did everything that I could, I thought my role in this world may have been done. But if I go to bed tonight and if I can still open my eyes tomorrow morning as I am, I’ll be very grateful. Then I swear, I’ll dedicate myself to where music and literature cross as I have done so.