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歌手、作詞家、翻訳家、英語講師、KOGUMA Sound(コグマサウンド)代表。

留学先のストックホルムで北欧のジャズに触れ、スカンジナビアのジャズボーカルの影響を受ける。日本語、英語、ポルトガル語で歌い、横浜、都内を拠点として様々なジャズクラブに出演。Lisa EkdahlやBlossom Dearieを彷彿させる独特のスウィートヴォイスと、hip hop経由のフロウとグルーヴでアーバンブルーズを歌い、聴く者を魅了する。

シンガーソングライター名義のLilla Flickaとしては、トオイダイスケのプロデュースで、全曲オリジナルのアルバム”Flower Arrangement”を2018年にリリース。ラップ、ボイパ、自作の小説の朗読も行なっている。

月刊誌『JAZZ JAPAN』の「2010年代に頭角を現した新鋭アーティスト60」に選出。

2021年5月、ジャズ歌手としてのデビューアルバム”Anything Blue”をリリース。

About: Saki Kato is a singer who grew up in Yokohama cityJapan. Soon after graduating from Waseda Universityshe started singing jazz standards in Tokyo. She was featured in the magazine JAZZ JAPAN” as one of the most promising young singers in 2017 and was also nominated for the award the best new singer” hosted by Jazz World in 2018. In the same year she also started her career as a singer-song writer in the pop music field and released her 1st album Flower Arrangement” under the name of Lilla Flicka with original songs produced by Daisuke Toi. Her debut album as a ‘jazz singer’,  “Anything Blue” with jazz standards was released In 2021. 

In the following year, her passion for music made two albums came into beings. One is called “Initiation” under the name of Lilla Flicka & SHIN-ON-GAK with electronica style. SHIN-ON-GAK is a music creating guild formed by Naruyoshi Kikuchi, now working on the soundtracks of the movies and TV drama series, “Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe”. The other album is called “Sweet and Lowdown” inspired by movies by Woody Allen with acoustic jazz style made with the pianist, Taihei Asakawa.

Saki is known for charming listeners with her smooth and sensual voice that may remind you of Blossom Dearie or Lisa Ekdahl. Her music style beyond the genres symbolizes the variety of the current music scene in Japan.